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Car Dashboard Ganeshji

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Length  : 4 cm
Breadth : 4 cm
Height   : 4 cm
Width    : 3 cm
Weight  :  42 gms

The elephant-headed God has an interesting story. He was created in a completely human form by the Goddess Parvati. She moulded him from clay or the earth from her own body (versions vary) and gave it life. She then tasked him to stand by the door of her palace as she bathed and not let anyone in. When her own husband, the great God Shiva tried to enter the human form barred his path. Shiva was furious at being denied entry into his own home and an awesome battle followed. Shiva won the battle and beheading Ganesha. But he immediately felt guilty and he knew his wife would be furious. So he sent his men to bring back the head of the first creature they came across. They met an elephant with one tusk who happily sacrificed his head for the honour.
Shiva bought Ganesha back to life and thus his story is considered one of rebirth and regeneration. Ganesha was made the head of Shiva's followers, the Ganas, hence his name, Ganpati.

He is worshiped as a bringer of luck and prosperity. He was also the God to help the Devs and humans in the preservation of balance by bringing obstacles to block the progression of evil and removing obstacles from the paths of goodness.

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