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Baaul Kirtan

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Length     :  14 cm
Breadth    :  15 cm
Height      :  14 cm
Width       :    2 cm
Weight     :  680 gms

Baul is a Dharma and a path of sadhana. Baul roots are not only deep they are ancient. If you do not know your eternal dharma and proceed on a path without roots you will never understand or gain the depth that is aquired from a strong foundation, one needs to understand the history, the roots of Baul, the eternal dharma called Baul.

The oral living lineage of the Baul of Bengal is like an ocean that was established thousands of years ago. The new rivers flow into the ocean, the ocean does not flow into the river. Rivers come to meet the ocean not the other way around, the ocean can not be smaller, everyday the ocean gets bigger and bigger, a river can only flow into the ocean. A seed will grow roots then grow into a beautiful tree full of lush leaves, flowers and fruit, the fruit of this tree is called Baul. This fruit can only grow through sadhana.

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