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Red Saree Lady with Ektara Wall Hanging

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Length    : 30 cm
Breadth   : 15 cm
Height     : 30 cm
Width      : 1 cm
Weight     : 265 gms

Terracotta or clay craft has been the symbol of man's first attempt at craftsmanship, just as the potter’s wheel was the first machine invented to use the power of motion for a productive purpose. For many years, civilizations have been dated and assessed by the degree of skill and beauty displayed by the earthenware found in excavations. Because of its universal appeal pottery has often been termed as the lyric of handicrafts. However, its association with religious rituals has imbibed it with deeper significance. In India, terracotta traditions are found from the earliest times. The outskirts of many an Indian village, has a pipal tree with terracotta animal figures lying underneath it.

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